20 million dong is definitely an enough amount to invest in securities because the current minimum trading lot is only 100 shares. However, if you invest in high-priced stocks, your number of shares is limited, or you can only buy one ticker. We advise you to consider only stocks with market price below 50,000 VND to increase your opportunity in owning other stocks.

Basically, stocks are considered long-term investment assets, but short-term fluctuations can make it easier for investors to make profits. Investing with a return of 10% a month is completely feasible, especially during the market uptrend.

However, if the market is in a downtrend, it is very difficult for you to control the risk. It is very difficult to advise you on a no-loss investment strategy, because in investment, it is impossible to say that there is no loss, not to mention that stocks are an investment channel with high risks with great profits. To limit losses and preserve capital in a bear market, a low stop loss, in our experience, is 5%.
To minimize the risk, when you don’t have much experience, we recommend you buy a few fund certificates with high returns in the past, so that you will have time to learn about the stock market without losing the opportunity from the market in the post-pandemic recovery trend. When you are confident enough to participate in the market, you can increase your investment capital to limit short-term risk