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What is a fund certificate? Should we invest in fund certificates?
Wednesday, 07.12.2022
When is the best time to buy fund certificates?
Monday, 17.10.2022
3 Methods Of Stock Selection For New Investors
Wednesday, 13.05.2020
Invest in securities with only 20 million VND?
Wednesday, 29.04.2020

20 million dong is definitely an enough amount to invest in securities because the current minimum trading lot is only 100 shares. However, if you invest in high-priced stocks, your number of shares is limited, or you can only buy one ticker. We advise you to consider only stocks with market price below 50,000 VND to increase your opportunity in owning other stocks.

Stocks headed to historic peak in the past year
Wednesday, 29.04.2020

The situation is in line with the US and regional stock markets when investors are concerned about the issue of bond interest rates rising again.