Products – Services

In line with a thorough knowledge about the financial market, we have achieved professionalism, proactivity, and hands-on experience in Investment Sector, which now allows us to provide the below services:

NAV/CCQ 12,598.34 VND

Expected return

Time Last year 1 year 3 years 5 years
Profit 2.13% 23.39% 35.3% 63.4%

Investment Fund Management

Establishing and managing investment funds to meet the diverse investment needs of customers, including domestic and foreign individual together with institutional investors. This is one of the strategic activities of Lighthouse Capital. Currently, we have established the Open-End Fund and Private Fund and are aiming at other types of funds to comprehensively meet the needs of customers.   LHBF Fund

Portfolio Management

Portfolio Management (Trust Investment) is a Lighthouse’s specialized profession, in which investors set up a trust by money or assets with Lighthouse Capital to help them either invest or manage these in the most efficient way to meet the target.

Investment Advisory

Lighthouse Capital provides investment advisory services such as below:
Setting up and Managing Portfolio Formulating Investment and Risks Management Strategy Intensive research and Investment analysis