Thông báo Ngày giao dịch đầu tiên của chứng chỉ quỹ Quỹ Đầu tư Trái phiếu Lighthouse (Quỹ LHBF)
Tuesday, 03.01.2023

Công ty Cổ phần Quản lý Quỹ Đầu tư Lighthouse xin thông báo Ngày giao dịch đầu tiên của Quỹ Đầu tư Trái phiếu Lighthouse. Vui lòng xem nội dung chi tiết trong tài liệu đính kèm

What is a fund certificate? Should we invest in fund certificates?
Wednesday, 07.12.2022

Fund certificate is the most popular form of investment today. So, what is a fund certificate? How to invest in fund certificates in the stock market? Please refer to the article below.

When is the best time to buy fund certificates?
Monday, 17.10.2022

Fund certificates are becoming more and more popular amongst both new and senior investors. However, when is the right time to buy Fund Certificates? Should investors “catch the bottom” or “stop loss” when the market goes down? How to avoid FOMO when the market goes up? etc… and many more questions.

Notice of changing to the new website of Lighthousecapital
Monday, 17.10.2022

In accordance with Point b, Clause 2, Article 7 – Circular 96/2020/TT-BTC dated November 16, 2020 of the Ministry of Finance guiding information disclosure on the stock market, Lighthouse Capital Fund Management Joint Stock Company announced the change of the company’s website address as follows:


3 Methods Of Stock Selection For New Investors
Wednesday, 13.05.2020

To form an investment method for newbies to the stock market is very important. It is like when entering the forest, you must carry a compass or a map, without any of which will be difficult to determine the direction to reach the destination. In stocks, that goal is profit.

Invest in securities with only 20 million VND?
Wednesday, 29.04.2020

20 million dong is definitely an enough amount to invest in securities because the current minimum trading lot is only 100 shares. However, if you invest in high-priced stocks, your number of shares is limited, or you can only buy one ticker. We advise you to consider only stocks with market price below 50,000 VND to increase your opportunity in owning other stocks.